Anonymous (A Mother of Sons) to Jane Addams, March 30, 1917

So Kaukauna
Mar 30

My dear Miss [Addams]

I have read so much about you and the good you have done in connection with the Peace League in our country. As a mother of sons I love and for all real mothers I urge you and all peace workers to do all you can towards keeping this country from war it seems mothers are perfectly helpless in that matter. We are supposed to hand over our sons [whenever] war agitators think we need some [page 2] blood shed to satisfy the greed and lust of men that if they were called first, the war agitation would now cease, it seems terrible that our young men the best in the country must needs be slain, like sheep led to the slaughter and the world war must have broken hearted mothers by the score never to be healed on earth [and] if this is to continue, future women ought to refuse to bear children. I hope and pray our country will keep out of war and not become a military nation. May God forbid. This is from a plain mother, but if [page 3] my few words would make any impression towards peace please send to the president or, Mrs Wilson.


from a mother of sons

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