Jane Addams to Francis Heney, October 29, 1914


A Telegram from Jane Addams to Francis J. Heney

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2.-- The following telegram to Francis J. Heney was received today from Miss Jane Addams:

Chicago, Ill. Oct. 29, 1914.

Francis J. Heney, Progressive Headquarters, San Francisco:

Public spirited women are awaiting your election with the greatest interest believing that certain reforms, such as woman suffrage, prohibition of child labor and better working conditions for all wage earners can be secured more quickly and with greater fairness to all concerned by national legislation.

I am hoping for your success because I believe that as Senator you will be an able and fearless advocate of all these and other measures promoting social and political welfare.

I am sure that thousands of California women will unite in making you their champion for these causes.


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