Rose Marie Gyles to Jane Addams, June 29, 1904


London -–

June 29-04

Dear Miss Addams;

If Miss Gulliver had not mentioned her conference with you, I should have cabled her "No" without an instant's delay. As it is, I have written her, saying that I think the decision should rest with you, as it is you, who have to bear the responsibility of me at the House. I have always felt a little sensitive about [page 2] my being allowed to stay with you at Hull-House ↑so long↓. I mean, I have perhaps been selfish in keeping some one else out of so happy a place, but I do love it and I do not want to leave.

However, perhaps new blood and energy and a less worn out individual would be better at H.H., would be more progressive and have more strength for labor Gymnasium plan and then the extra salary [page 3 ]for last year might also be saved. You see it is not for me to decide my staying on at Hull-House.

I shall tell you frankly it would make me very unhappy to leave. At the same time, I want you to be frank and if you do think a change would be better at H.H., I'll do exactly as you think best.

When I spoke to Miss Gulliver a year ago, I was having a hard struggle to make both ends meet without my father's help, and I was worn out and thought of R.C. as [page 3] a rest cure. But I am sure I don't need it for that now. I am taking this travel instead.

If you want to keep me, please tell Miss Gulliver so, will you and if, not, well, I'll make the best of it! Ella goes to Chelsea tomorrow and I go north, to my uncles. I am to meet the DeKnatels about July 20 in Paris. We had so lovely a trip in Devonshire, Ella and I, but London has been so interesting, it has quite tired me. Mrs Pelham left us today. She is seriously considering returning home Aug first. I do hope you are having a good rest! Yours as always

Rose M. Gyles

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