Margaret Jane Hunter Spiegel to Jane Addams, February 12, 1917

Safford, Arizona
Feby. 12/17
Jane [Addams]
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Madam: --

I believe the hearts of American mothers are turning to you, who have done so much for social good, to help save our Free [America] from Political ruin. So few of us can do or are free to do what we are hoping you will find a way to accomplish. I have full faith that "women of America" will save her from what Europe has fallen into [page 2] if only we can do so quickly. What concerns us right now is that "horrible draft clause" and the compulsory training bill about to be pushed [through] Congress; They try to lay the fault at our door and think us unamerican when the cause is the way our [Government] treats its volunteer soldiers, least of the evils is the underpay, others is the vice taught, loss of self-respect from tyrannical officers etc. Let them revise their Army rules and we will not need to [compel] our youth to train, there will be plenty of volunteers. I believe this compulsory military training will destroy in the youth what love & respect for his country he should foster, for he keenly feels the atmosphere of his home in such matters -- and the American mother cannot nor will not obey such an unjust law. She will find a way! You know no one feels a duty more [page 3] keenly than a woman and should the country from honorable cause need our sons & loved ones, we would not hesitate. Then let them treat us accordingly, women have not failed to ↑do their↓ duty yet. I'm sure laws need not suddenly become so rigid. I hope this may help you feel the pulse of the American mother and give you more courage to do the great grand work you are doing with so much success. I have written Senator Ashurst of Arizona, but he favors the bill so I do not hope for much, however these western politicians feel the power back of the mere woman already --

Very truly yours Mrs J. B. Spiegel.