Jane Addams to Edward Mandell House, December 9, 1916

The New Ebbitt

Dec. 2nd. 1916

My dear Colonel House,

May I introduce Mrs. Neena H. Pringsheim an American lady married to a German, who has lived for many years in Berlin.

Mrs. Pringsheim is a friend of Graf Montgelas, a member of the Foreign Office. She has recently seen him as well as Dr. Zimmermann, now Minister of Foreign Affairs and has some information from them which she is anxious to transmit to President Wilson.

I should be very grateful if you could give Mrs. Pringsheim an interview and make an opportunity for her to [page 2] transmit her material as directly as possible to President Wilson.

The American women of the Hague Conference feel very grateful to Mrs. Pringsheim for her hospitality and kindness extended to them in Berlin.

Faithfully yours

Jane Addams [signed]