Marie Rolin Tuttle to Jane Addams, August 4, [1904]



South Byfield, Mass.

August IV.

My dear [Miss] Addams:

[Miss] Vida Scudder has advised my writing to you in regard to finding a suitable person for inaugurating a very important work in a large [page 2] manufacturing town.

It will be a pioneer work in every sense since all classes need conviction & conversion, but it is a great opportunity for the worker who is able to meet & master existing conditions.

I believe you will recognize this fact [page 3] when I tell you that it is Paterson, New Jersey, of which I speak. You may, at the same time, be surprised to learn that ground in such a well known labor [center] had not yet been broken, but beyond a few ineffectual charitable institutions I know of no effort being made to counteract the indifference & misguidance of a really tremendous & menacing industrial force.

Though I have lived in Paterson for years and had these facts ever before me, I [page 4] have never until now seen the possibility of providing for the necessary plant.

Through the generosity of one of our townswomen a large and thoroughly equipped building has just been completed, in the very [page 5] heart of the factory district; and the donor is quite willing that its original purpose – a children's Day Nursery – should be enlarged & extended indefinitely. I feel that here at last is the opening which we should be prompt [page 6] to use, & so truly important do I regard it that I beg you to give it your earnest attention, and if possible put me in touch with a strong & able woman.

If such as she can be found ↑disengaged↓ at this late day I doubt, but it would be worth while if she could only come for this winter, for the beginning will mean so much.

Believe me

Very truly yrs,

Marie Rollin Tuttle.
(Mrs Hobart Tuttle)

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