Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 13, 1904



I had a nice drive with your father in the park yesterday & left him at the door about dinner time. He expected Kathleen & Miss [Moran] to dinner and was in good spirits unless he talked about his health which invariably made him forlorn. Miss Christensen is very clever on that point and her professional reassurance is very good -- her insistence that he does not need an overcoat as that "even a sick man wouldn't" is designed I think. Poor Mary McDowell is quite [worn?] with applicants and would be most grateful for money help. 30000 men out of work in one community is something terrific they stand on the streets literally in crowds ↑of 1000s↓. Kate Kellogg is a great comfort to them. [page 2]

We are having fearful times with the parents of the 8 cocaine boys who are in the Pres't Hospital & altogether life isn't a bed of roses [although] I [had] a very rose colored glimpse of it at Weber & Mary's -- I spent the night and am much impressed with the jollity of their housekeeping. There are many things that I want to talk to you about and I am counting the time almost as anxiously as your father. I think that he is going to Lake Geneva this afternoon. I am awfully sorry to be away two days next week at the Iowa Chautauqua. Your letters are the most cheerful things that I have and you must know that I am mightily empty hearted without you -- Always yours J.A.

Aug 13" 1904