Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, June 4, 1904


My dear Mr Ely

I am very grateful for your reassuring note. I have not been able to see Mr Lawson [although] I have had two appointments with him, he is rather [opposing?] a new boys ordinance, which we are pushing and I am afraid is not [likely?] to see us.

Miss Culver comes back about June fifteenth and will be at Lake Forest for the summer.

Miss Hamilton is coming up to Madison with the Smiths and myself on Tuesday [page 2] afternoon. We will reach the Park Hotel about half past eight. That will give me Wednesday and Thursday for the festivities. I find by the little circular that a ticket is required for the dinner on Wednesday evening, if you are securing them for other people and it would be convenient to get one for me, I should be very grateful to you.

With cordial regards to Mrs Ely and yourself I am

Faithfully yours

Jane Addams

June 4" 1904