Richard Theodore Ely to Jane Addams, Nov. 29, 1902


Nov. 29, 1902.

Miss Jane Addams,
335 S. Halsted St.,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams;

I am very glad to receive your Thursday's letter.  I shall try to see you the latter part of next week, or the week after.  I may be able to run down Saturday morning next, and stay until Sunday evening.  If, however, the following week will be more convenient for you, let me know.  Probably I could stay a little longer next week.  We can then go over the manuscript and discuss it.  I am sure it will give me a great deal of pleasure to do so.

Mrs. Ely would much like to come with me, but she is not yet strong enough to make it prudent.  She does see her friends occasionally, and she goes out now nearly every day.  I trust that by next fall she will be as well as usual.

Faithfully yours,

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