Margarethe Lenore Selenka to Jane Addams, November 28, 1916

New York City, den 28. November 1916
Hotel Le Marquis, 12 East [31st]. Street.
Miss Jane [Addams].
Hull House

Dear Miss [Addams].

I am in this country again <since 6 weeks> and hear with great satisfaction that your health has been better which also appears from the fact, that you are expected in Washington for the meeting of the [Woman's] Peace Party. I hope to be in Washington at that time and I would thank you if you would furnish me with some particulars about the meeting and let me know if I would be admitted to some of its more intimate conferences as I was last year through your kind permission in New York.

I would also like to give you the latest news of our German International Committee members of which I am afraid you will have heard very little direct the last time.

Hoping to hear from you by an early post

<Yours in sincere sympathy and admiration

Margarethe Selenka

In which hotel will you be in Washington>