Jane Addams to Lucy Biddle Lewis, January 22, 1917


My dear Mrs. Lewis:

I am sending you a copy of my reply to Dr. Jacobs' letter. She is essentially so fine a woman that I very much regret anything that seems like a serious difference. I think there has been more difficulty with the Scandinavian women than I realized and that in complying even so far as I did with their request, Dr. Jacobs felt that I was going back on her. I hope you can make her understand that I do respect her work very much and that I realize that she had had the hard end of the work. I have confidence, however, that when I see her in June or July we can straighten things out. Please do the best you can for me in the meantime and assure her that a referendum vote sent out by the Chairman is not siding with anybody.

Mr. Lochner was here yesterday and gave a very interesting account of the things his committees are doing. There really is a great deal stirring.

I left a large part of [the material] in reference to the "[Conscientious] Objectors" in New York with Paul Kellogg who wants to use it for The Survey. He promised to send it back to me. Does Mrs. Clarke want it again? If so, I will write him at once to send it to her.

I hope you will see Miss Balch before you go. She knows much more about the Scandinavian situation, of course, than I do.

Faithfully yours,

Mrs. Lucy Biddle Lewis,
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.