Where is the Baby? January, 1917


[image of child on tricycle]

LITTLE ANKEEN -- "Priceless."

"I'm saved and have a happy home in America.
But where is the baby?" [page 2]


Many girls like the little maiden on our frontispiece are being rescued from slavery or starvation, and we express our deepest gratitude to those who are sending in funds to be used for the relief and support of children in Turkey who do not know why all this horror of war, deportation, slavery, torture, starvation and massacre have come into their young lives.

This little Armenian maiden on our frontispiece whose name is Ankeen (Priceless) was picked up on the roadside by a Russian-Armenian when the Turks fled before the Russians, and brought to [Erzurum], the place where all but thirty of the thirty-five thousand Armenians in city and suburbs had been killed or deported.

He gave her to the missionaries, Rev. and Mrs. Stapleton who took her into their family and brought her to the United States. She had been kept for nine months in a Turkish family and had nearly lost her language. Later on it came back to her in whole sentences, but now, adopted into a nice Armenian family in Chicago, she is attending the Kindergarten [page 3] and learning English very rapidly.

She remembered her name and that of her father and mother and also that her father was a tailor. She said, "My Papa and Mama were shot and the baby was thrown into the water." When at Niagara on her way to Chicago she saw soldiers, she shivered and said, "They will kill us."

The other day as it was impressed on her mind that she had a new father and mother she said, "If you are my really, truly Mama, where is the baby?"

Yes, where is the baby? Ankeen's baby sister and many another Armenian and Syrian baby has lost its little life in the waters of river and lake or in the stifling heat of the desert toward Arabia.

But to you and me comes the call of thousands of little children and babies who have been rescued by relief funds. We have before us the long, hard pull of their support and training. Priceless are their souls, priceless the reward that comes to those who hear the Master calling down through the ages, "Suffer the children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." [page 4]

Will you not lend a helping hand? Will you not let the Christ look down into your eyes and say, softly, as you deny yourself to help support the children, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these ye have done it unto Me."

Funds should be sent to the treasurer of the National Armenia and India Relief Association for Industrial Orphan Homes, Miss Emily C. Wheeler,

345 East 25th Street,

Brooklyn, New York.

This society is incorporated under the laws of New York.


EMILY C. WHEELER, Secretary and Treasurer.
S. A. JENNINGS, Auditor.


Executive Committee

Chairman, JAMES BARTON, D.D., LL.D.,
Secretary, A.B.C.F.M.
FREDERICK D. GREENE, Missionary from Turkey
ROBERT E. HUME, Ph.D., Prof. Union Theological Seminary
EVERETT P. WHEELER, Lawyer, New York
JUSTIN E. ABBOTT, D.D., Missionary from India
FRANCIS E. CLARK, D.D., Pres., United Society of Christian Endeavor
AMOS R. WELLS, LL.D., Editor Christian Endeavor World
TALCOTT WILLIAMS, LL.D., Director of School of Journalism, Columbia University
EMILY C. WHEELER, Missionary from Turkey