Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, August 26, 1916

Hull's Cove Maine
Aug 26" 1916

My dear Miss Balch --

I think your plan is a good one, of course, but I doubt if any political pressure will hurry the Pres't in his second offer of mediation. Lansing almost says that nothing more can be done until certain definite information is received and so does Col. House. However all effort is to the good.

While I don't want to sing Rosika's song, I do feel that your great usefulness just now certainly is in the Neutral Conference and [page 2] if I were in your place, I would certainly go back just as soon as I had a favorable cable from Lochner. Would you like me to cable him as well? I should be very glad to do it, and it might hurry the reply. How mysterious it all is!

I think it is all right to use the material in the French letter, but it might to be better not to [illegible] [Mr Dell's] name as I think the English are very sensitive as to the French opinion of this [information], it would doubtless [page 3] get Mr Dell into trouble if his name were known.

I am too sorry not to be able to go to Washington on the 30th but my temperature has been wobbling a little more than usual, so I am planning no extra exertions.

I am most anxious to have your letter about the referendum vote and find myself quite homesick for you. Devotedly yours

Jane Addams.