Dane Swan Dunlop to Harriet Park Thomas, October 22, 1916


Oct. 22, 1916.

Harriet P. Thomas
Mrs. Wm. I. Thomas
116 S. Michigan Ave.

Dear Madam; --

Your letter of Oct. 16, 1916, endorsing the peace resolution for women's session of the Farmers' Congress was received by me and I sent the paper up to the presiding officer's table. I tried to find Mrs. R. C. Bennett but could not locate her. However she received your letter fortunately and the resolution it seems was duly adopted while I was out of the room. Just so it got through all right, it made no difference to me how it should be done. I thank you very much for attending to the matter and it shows the value to you of having your work organized in every state. For though a year might pass with no call when you do need them you want them suddenly and on the job. Mrs. Bennet proved her value to the cause.

I am sorry Miss Addams is sick and [page 2] I would be much obliged if you would let me know whether she knew of the resolution and signed it or whether you acted alone and used her signature under general authority to use it for such work. In case she read your resolution and signed it herself, I will so report the matter, it being thereby especially valuable since her activities are now limited by ill health.

I am very glad the resolution was presented and adopted and thank you and the Woman's Peace Party.


Dane S. Dunlop
Rural Rt. 7,

P.S. -- Did you keep a copy? The minutes will not be published for some months and I would like to get a copy for publication if I could.