Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman to Matthew A. Marvin, October 20, 1913

The State Bank of Girard.
Girard, Kansas

Oct. 20" 1913

My dear Mr Marvin

Your letter and contract rec'd. I was greatly surprised to find it made to a corporation when our contract was with Mr Keene. I am having a new one type written with Mr Keene personally.

My experience with corporations is not a happy one -- while with individuals I have always been most fortunate.

I have also investigated Trust deeds and if Mr Keene wishes to purchase for $20000 Cash to my sister. I will loan him $5000.00 in a trust deed in my mother's "Anna H. H. Addams" name -- and he pay all expenses of same in other words 20000.00 reposted to Jane Addams account. [page 2]

Will send the contracts as soon as sent in.

With kindest regards to Mrs Marvin & yourself.

Cordially yours

S. Alice Haldeman