Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, October 2, 1916


October 2, 1916.

Miss Jane Addams
Bar Harbor, Maine

Dear Miss Addams:

By some chance you sent your letter to me of September 26th enclosing Mrs. Mead's, to Professor Taylor; and it has just reached me. Meanwhile, I have written to Mr. Rosenwald and sent a carbon to Judge Mack, asking him, if he thought well of the plan, to back it up.

Mr. Rosenwald gives us $1000 annually, and of course it would be in addition to that sum that I appealed to him for the special work.

Also, I wrote to Mrs. Anderson, who recently made the generous gift to Miss Wald's endorsement fund, and to Mr. Schmidlapp and to Mr. Cochran. It struck me that this was the type of thing on which Mr. Cochran and Mrs. Cochran would find common footing and enthusiasm; and I hope that they will respond.

In the meanwhile Mr. Lasker has had an offer from the Philadelphia Housing Association. He has such an ideal combination of aptitudes that I should be loath to lose him.

I wrote Miss Wald that I could be in Boston readily enough, and gladly, on October 7 or 8, so I am spending this week at Vineyard Haven drafting our annual report and doing other detached work. Address c/o Mrs. Johnson's Boarding House. Miss Wald has been quite ill, but in her note is apparently planning to go. I think if you dropped a line to Mr. Holt it would count more than anything else in getting him there. I do not know anything of the larger meeting in New York you speak of. [page 2]

We are so encouraged by the outcome of the current year despite all its difficulties. It has just ended, and while we will of course not have all accounts in for a fortnight, the outlook is that we shall have cleared our twelve months' operations and perhaps [illegible] some of the expense of moving to our new offices last spring. To cap the climax, we had to publish fifty-three issues this past year, -- it happens only once in a century or less!