Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, October 11, 1901


My dear Alice

Esther still seems very well and Laura does not expect to go down until the 18th or 19th of the month. Her address is Mrs Chas. E. Hulbert 5811a Delmar Boul'd St. Louis Mo. Laura thinks the little flat looks very well indeed. I haven't seen it since it was furnished. Weber is back at the University having received a rise in rank, he is happy over the fact that his book has been accepted and his general appearance is much improved. John is still at St Mary's, he came on to Boston to see Miss Brockway after he landed and they definitely broke off the engagement. The little lady is back at her nursing and apparently bearing it very well. Seven years and a half it has been from the very first.

Every thing is opening up very prosperously this fall and by the time you come at Christmas, our new building ought to be well [page 2] under way. Stanley comes in from Lake Forest for one Sunday a month and of course will be here for the Christmas holidays. He will never be very scholarly probably but is a fine lad -- eighteen years old last May. You must see him soon for you won't be able to recognize him.

I sent a specialist Dr Church out to Elgin this week, he thinks that Weber is improving and predicts recovery, [although] the doctors at the hospital are discouraged about the case -- however as Dr Church is the finest neurologist of them all, I keep to his opinion but it is a long time to wait.

With love to Marcet, always your loving sister Jane Addams

Oct 11" 1901