Jane Addams and Louise de Koven Bowen to Edgar Addison Bancroft, June 17, 1916

1430 Astor Street.

June 17, 1916.

Dear Mr. Bancroft: --

The other plan we had in mind was an institute for Public Health and Sanitary Science, but the Rockefeller Foundation has within the last few days so clearly defined the object of such an Institute in connection with its new undertaking in Baltimore, that it seems absurd to add anything more.

However, the idea we cherished was not so solely teaching as the Baltimore and Cambridge plans provide for, but active research as well as experiments in Housing, Industry and Recreation.

We are afraid this letter sounds rather sketchy but the carefully prepared notes we had made on the first proposition now seem rather superfluous after Dr. Flexner's careful statement.

Thanking you for your cordial reply and assuring you that no one who is familiar with so crowded a part of the city as the Nineteenth Ward could possibly underestimate the great heed of preventive medicine, we are

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams,
Louise de Koven Bowen.
Edgar Bancroft Esq.
Chicago, Illinois.

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