Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, September 7, 1916

Hull's Cove Maine
Sept 7" 1916

Dearest Lady

Here is a letter from Mrs Holt. I am sending back her husband's letters and asking her to send them to you.

I believe that there is but one American delegate & that Lochner is the one, I suspect that the retrenching has been in cutting numbers once more, Mr Holt says that is to be done. [page 2]

I hope so much that we can have a meeting of "the five" in Boston, I must go into the business of raising money for the After the War Conference & could do it better after that. Perhaps if you go back to Holland you can do things for our committee. I hope you can see [Plantiff] but I don't believe there is much use of seeing him with Mr Ford unless to avoid [double crossing] as poor Lochner says. Paul Kellogg is here today & I am writing hurriedly but will write again.

Always devotedly yrs J Addams.