Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, May 10, 1916 (fragment)


May 10, 1916.

Miss Jane Addams,
800 S. Halsted Street,
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Miss Addams:

The May Festival last week met with the most overwhelming neighborhood attendance and support that has ever been given. One night we had difficulty in turning the people away after the hall was filled. Notwithstanding the rapid and radical racial transformation of our population, bringing ever less assimilable immigrants with it, the May Festival has really become a neighborhood institution. No publicity was given the occasion in the neighborhood, excepting to and through our clubs and classes. Not even a sign of it was put up on the house, such as was needed three or four years ago to get an attendance.

I am sorry the enclosed treasurer's statement is not a better showing. While Stanley McCormick's annual contribution of $1,000 tided over current expenses, we were able to reduce the shortage only by [$600]. I hope to make a beginning upon our effort for the support of the summer season work as soon as this busiest time of the year for me allows. In view of the situation we have decided not to attempt to run the camp at Elgin this summer, but to give as many day and [weekend] outings to more of our people as funds will allow. This concentration of work may reduce expenses by $1,000 and income too somewhat.

Our quarterly meeting is past due and should be held <[illegible]> this month. Could you attend the 23d or 26th?

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