Jane Addams to Rebecca Shelley, July 23, 1916


Bar Harbor Maine

My dear Miss Shelley

I see by the N.Y. Times that the Bergensfjord docks next Saturday.

May I ask you to send the [enclosed] letter to the boat, and if you see Mde Schwimmer tell her that I hope she can come directly here. She wishes to see Miss Balch and me together, if Miss Balch cannot come at that time I will telegraph Mde Schwimmer in your care. Perhaps you will wire me when Mde Schwimmer arrives, boats are so uncertain now-days and Miss Balch will be hurried during her short stay.

I was very glad for your letter and for the fine start already made. I am afraid that I can't do much letter writing from here. Perhaps later you will send me a list of accepted names and I will add suggestions.

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams

July 23 1916

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