Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, December 10, 1901


My dear Alice – 

I am disappointed about Christmas day but will delighted to see you and Marcet the day after.  Weber and Stanley will be here but none of the others.  Laura will stay at Cedarville during Sarah's vacation probably and of course you will visit them there.  I suggested your stopping at St. Louis to see Esther and her family but perhaps it would be better to do that on your [page 2] way home, as Charlie may still be in the hospital the ↑twenty sixth, [although] he is improving.↓

We have almost given up hopes of having brother Weber home for Christmas, it has been a long terrible year for him and while he improved rapidly for a while, he now seems at a stand still.

I was able to perform a little service for the D.A.Rs in Paris and they elected me an honorary member.  I declined for complicated reasons which I shall be [page 3] ↑glad to↓ explain when I see you but I shall be glad to [join] with you, and will sign whatever you send.  We are busy every minute finishing up our new shops. I am sure you will like them as well as the [illegible] ↑and of the↓ as well as the block which is rapidly being built up.

With love to Marcet -- Please tell her that I do not admire tall people more than short ones. -- and finally

I am your loving sister.

Jane Addams

Dec 10 '1901