Clara Schlee Laddey to Jane Addams, March 21, 1916


March 21st [1916]

[Miss] Jane Addams
Pres. W.P.P.

My dear [Miss] Addams: --

I enclose a clipping in regard to a lecture I have heard not long ago in Newark, N.J.

This talk of preparedness distresses me very much, especially if a noted lecturer indulges in it and tells, [page 2] or rather suggests to thousands of women, that, while they used to be pacifists, they have become, at this time of the war, for preparedness.

A year ago I have given my name as [a] member of the N.J. branch of the P.P., Mrs. A Dubois of Bayonne, N.J. is the Secretary, but have never heard of any special work done by the N.J. women.

Could and would a national demonstration not help in winning more women and men [page 3] to our belief of absolute Peace thoughts & actions?

It seems so [necessary] just now, to show our earnestness, when we see so many people [lose] their sane attitude.

Single handed one can do so little, but combined efforts cannot fail to impress.

Pardon my writing to you; my grief over the terrible slaughter of mankind is so great; that I had to act in some way to relieve my feeling. [page 4]

Whenever I can do something to promote Peace, you may count upon me.

Most Sincerely Yours,
Clara S. Laddey.
(Mrs. V.)
52 New Lawn Ave,
Arlington, N.J.
from March 26th on.