William Jennings Bryan to Jane Addams, April 26, 1916



April 26, 1916

Simmons College
Abilene, Texas.

My dear Miss Addams:

I wired you yesterday expressing regret that I am not able to attend the peace meeting next Sunday.

I am enclosing an interview given to the press on the 19th which presents two ways of avoiding war even if diplomatic relations are broken. I hope it will not come to this. I think too that it would be well to urge a referendum on war in all cases except where there is an actual invasion of our country.

It occurs to me that the Woman's Peace Party might with propriety and advantage hold a peace meeting in Chicago the night before the Republican convention and in St. Louis the night before the Democratic convention. Mr. Ford ought to be invited to speak at both, or to preside if he is unwilling to speak. Dr. Hardin ought to be invited also (225 S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago). I shall attend both conventions and can attend both these meetings. Assuring you of my interest in the cause I am

Very truly yours,

(Signed) William Jennings Bryan.