Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Jane Addams, May 12, 1916


May 12th, 1916.

My dear Miss Addams:

I have sent out to all our branches and organizations copies of the enclosed letter and in the case of the six cities mentioned in the cablegram I have enclosed a copy of that cablegram with a note to the effect that this had recently been received from Mrs. Holt. I hope this letter is quite correct.

I regret exceedingly the delay in returning Mr. DeVille's play. When the request was received for it from Mrs. Bowen, I made a very careful search in the office and inquired from Mrs. Schütze and others who might, I thought, know something about the matter, as to the whereabouts of this manuscript, but nobody could remember having seen it, and I was forced to admit that the manuscript was apparently lost, but a few days ago in going through Mrs. Thomas' desk for some material which she wrote me was in a certain drawer, I came across this manuscript and returned it to you at once. Apparently it was tucked away to be carefully read by Mrs. Thomas before being submitted to the Arts Committee, and then in the press of work was overlooked. I could find no record of its ever having been acknowledged and in the absence of any such record, there was no evidence that this manuscript had ever been received. I am very sorry that this should have occurred and caused you the annoyance which I know it must have caused you.

I wrote Dr. Shaw on May 10th, asking if she and Mrs. Catt could attend the conference in case it were held on June 10th instead of June 13th. I also wrote to all members of the Board asking if they could meet on June 9th and explaining the reason for considering this change. I also asked them to tell us whether they expected to be with friends during their stay here as you wished to make definite arrangements for their entertainment.

I am enclosing a list of members of the Board and also of the delegates to the Congress After the War who have answered our letters indicating whether they have accepted or declined the invitation to meet with the Board.

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Jane Addams,
1430 Astor St.,
c/o Mrs. Joseph Bowen,
Chicago, Illinois.