Jane Addams to Chrystal Macmillan, February 18, 1916



Feb. 18, 1916

My dear Miss Macmillan: --

I want to acknowledge the $50.00 which Mr. Kliefoth brought me from you, although, as he may have written you, the letter did not come with it so that I am at a loss as to why you sent the money; however, we will have time to straighten that out at the meeting of the International Committee.

I wrote Dr. Jacobs the other day that there was a doubt about my sailing in April, the doctor reserving the right to veto it if my health did not improve under the two months treatment as much as he hoped. I should be very much mortified to change the date again and if, as Dr. Jacobs suggested, owing to the difficulties of travel, the meeting could be postponed until the last of May, I would be more certain of being there. There would also be the advantage that the voyage would be less cold and rough. I am sorry to seem to put such stress on what must seem like mere comforts but I have been convinced by a relapse here that I shall have to proceed very cautiously if I am to [reestablish] any sort of health. Madame Schwimmer urges me to come to Europe, staying in some warm climate where I would still be available for the affairs of the Committee, but such a plan is quite impracticable as I am still under medical treatment and am sent on from doctor to another under Dr. Herrick's direction. The illness is really quite serious and has to be taken care of.

Could I ask you to cable me to Hull-House if [page 2] you feel that the date could be postponed until May? It would make my plans much easier if I knew that were settled.

May I congratulate you upon "The Internationaal?" I am sure it will be of great use and make for clarity and understanding. It is quite splendid that seventeen countries are so well organized.

I hope the money sent by Miss [Breckinridge] reached you safely. Mrs. Florence Kelley is the fifth member of our Committee. She plans to come over with me. There is a bare possibility that Miss Balch will be able to go over soon to Stockholm and of course she would then be available for the International Committee meeting.

With cordial greetings to all of you who are so valiantly taking care of the central office, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]