Mary Rozet Smith to Anna Marcet Haldeman, February 15, 1916


February 15 --


Dear Marcet

We are still here in the same amazing sunshine. Your Aunt Jane had a slight recurrence of "[pyelitis]" (which I can't spell) <on Friday night> and Dr. [Ivan?] ordered her to bed for a few days. There has been only a little blood and pus in the urine and not very much [page 2] temperature, but we walk warily these days, and are behaving as if she were really ill. Last evening Mary Shaw, who is playing in Colorado Springs for two nights, came in to see your Aunt and asked most warmly for you. She is going to be in Kansas City soon and hopes to see you there. Your Aunt Jane sends her love and says she is taking [page 3] this order to be perfectly quiet as an excuse for not writing any letters. She sends her love and will write as soon as she is up again. We hope to get off for Pasadena on Saturday or Monday, at the latest.

Affectionately Yours,

Mary Rozet Smith

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