Harriet Park Thomas to Jane Addams, February 8, 1916


February 8th, 1916.

My dear Miss Addams:

It gives me great pleasure to report that Mrs. Spencer has secured a fund of $450 for Miss Burritt. She will not reveal the name of the friend who is giving this. She asks that it be expended as salary of [$100] a month for three months, the remaining $150 to be used for expenses. In case, however, the organizations and communities to which Miss Burritt goes can meet her expenses, the remainder of the fund is to be used for further lecture work.

I had such a dear letter from Mrs. Spencer with this announcement. She asks very tenderly about you. I think she would love it if you could drop her a line, but of course it isn't necessary, as Miss Breckinridge and I are both acknowledging the gift.

I sent copies of your Hearing to the people whose names you gave me, and we are sending it out quite generally [today]. Also, Mrs. Karsten is preparing a nice batch of material for the February 22nd meetings.

Always affectionately

Miss Jane Addams,
Antler's Hotel,
Colorado Springs, Colorado.