Tyre Crumpler Taylor to Jane Addams, February 13, 1916

Glade Valley High School
A High Grade Christian School for Boys and Girls

GLADE VALLEY, N.C., Feb 13, 1916.

<Tyre C. Taylor,
To -->
Womans Peace Party.
Chicago, Ill.
Jane Addams, Chairman.

My Dear Madam: I have your very kind letter of Jan 8th, for which please accept my sincere thanks.

The Statewide debate on the question: Resolved that the United States Navy should be greatly increased will be held either at Chapel Hill, or Durham, N.C. in March. The Preliminaries will be held at this place and elsewhere at some date early in March or the last of this month.

This debate will be heard by a great many people, and I think the results will be [more] far reaching than possibly some would imagine.

There are several points which I think could be used to an advantage, namely: that [the] security of the United States does not demand this increase, That the Navy is adequate, That we cannot afford to greatly increase the Navy, That the policy is unnecessary and unwise, That the Army is our most vital asset, and that absolute preparedness is never possible.

I cannot take up more than two or these points in a fifteen minute speech, and which would you advise as the strongest of all.

While I am fully aware that you are very busy, yet any assistance you care to grant will be more than appreciated. And I feel this should be worthwhile.

If you could, I would be glad to have you make an outline or brief, as I know your wide experience places you in a position to know the weak as well as the strong points.

Thanking you in advance,

I Am Very Truly Yours,

Tyre C. Taylor [signed]

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