Harriet Park Thomas to Margaret Deland, December 30, 1915


My dear Mrs. Deland:

At the request of Miss Addams, I am sending you “Women at The Hague” and also a copy of the Report of the International Congress of Women.

Miss Addams regrets to learn through Mrs. Mead that you will not be able to attend the International Congress of Women After the War.

You will be glad, I am sure, to learn that Miss Addams’ condition is steadily improving. Day before yesterday when I reached Hull House I found her sitting up and fully clothed. She is to be permitted a daily drive, and she confidently hopes to attend the Annual Meeting of the Woman’s Peace Party in Washington next month. She asks me to express to you her warmest regards and cordial good wishes for a Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Secretary.

Mrs. Margaret Deland,
35 Newbury Street,
Boston, Mass.