Interview at the Kingsley House Settlement Farm, September 25, 1913



Does Not Believe Women Are Degraded by Fashions

Special to The Inquirer.

PITTSBURGH, Pa., Sept. 25. -- "Burning questions of the day are eugenic marriage, woman suffrage and the fashions. I favor strict eugenic laws and woman's suffrage. The styles today are more sensible than ever."

Jane Addams, of Hull House, Chicago, foremost social worker of the land, thus epitomized her ideas on these three subjects today in an interview at the Valencia Farm of the Kingsley House Settlement where the annual conference of the National Federation of Settlement is being held.

"I do not believe with so many people that women are being degraded with the fashions," said Miss Addams. "The less clothes we can wear with modesty the better. It is better for the health and allows more freedom of movement.

"Of course there are extremes. In Chicago our police women take one of these."

Of the police women she said: "They have not had a fair trial -- they have not been in office long enough. But I think they will take care of the women who take advantage of the daring modes in fashion; I mean the women who go so far as to appear indecent on the street. These women are by far in the minority."

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