Jane Addams to Ludvik J. Fisher, October 15, 1915


October 15, 1915

My dear Dr. Fisher: --

The letter you wrote on September 28th as President of the National Bohemian Alliance of America has just come to my hands -- at least the original copy has -- upon my return to Chicago.

The governments of the Allies we visited took our efforts on their own merits, receiving us most cordially. None of them felt that we were acting in the interests of Germany.

It would give me great pleasure to address your Society stating with more care my own position, as well as that taken by the International Congress of Women at The Hague. Might I ask you to make an arrangement for me to meet your members. After a very short address I should be most happy to answer any questions they may care to put to me.

I agree with much of what you say in your letter, but am at a loss to understand why an effort to bring about a cessation of the war through a commission of neutrals should be construed as a pro-German measure.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. L. J. Fisher, President
Bohemian National Alliance of America.

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