Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, October 10, 1915


My dear Marcet

The book has gone off to Macmillan today and I am off to Chicago tomorrow, so much better that I can quite easily pretend that I am well. This is a hurried Sunday letter written just as we are starting to [walk] to [Ventnor]. [page 2]

Cousin Clara Young spent the day with us here yesterday. She was wearing one of your mother's chains which she had given her a year ago -- the one with oblong silver links and an occasional green stone that your mother used with her furs.  

Perhaps it was unexpectedly seeing a familiar thing or [page 3] because your mother's ways were always like Aunt Harriet's and her family, but certainly yesterday I had a sense of being near her -- which I wish I might share with you.

I hope to find a letter from you at H. H. and to know that all goes well with you. Always yours devotedly

Jane Addams

Oct. 10" 1915