Lucy Rider Meyer to Jane Addams, October 19, 1915


My dear Miss Addams:

I have just heard of the possibility of your going into the fight for a "dry" Chicago, and I am yielding to an impulse in this note. I am very earnestly hoping you will help in this matter. Could you possibly use [page 2] your enormous influence in any better way? I don't forget that you are surrounded by complicating circumstances, but and would doubtless be obliged to sacrifice other great interests. But this is such a very great interest! Such a multitude of these slaves w'd be set free (among them one of my own brilliant brothers) that it seems to me we could [page 3] all join with new hope and inspiration against the other forms of slavery in our midst.

Do not think of taking a moment for answer. But it is forced out of my heart to tell you that I understand you these years a great deal better than I used to do, and I am in even keener sympathy with you and your great work. I love you and pray for you.

Affec. Lucy Rider Meyer.

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