George Banschbach to Jane Addams, March 30, 1915


Chicago, Ill., Mch 30 1915

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House, Chicago

My dear Miss Addams:

I note by our daily papers that you are chairman of the Woman's National Peace party of the U.S. and that a congress is to be held at The Hague, Apr. 13th.

It sounds like "Hollow Mockery" for us Americans to cry and talk "Peace" when our Government permits, and sanctions, the manufacture and exportation of all kinds of munitions of war -- by private individuals and corporations -- knowing fully that every shell and every bullet is to be used to destroy human life -- <and> slaughter human beings. To permit these engines of [page 2] destruction may not be a violation of International law -- but what about the moral law?

Does the almighty dollar have more weight in these great United States -- than love for our fellow man?

Have we lost all sense of right and justice because of "dollar diplomacy"?

Are we a Christian nation? Are we not equally guilty with the man who kills when we supply him with the gun -- the powder -- the bullet -- the shrapnel and the shells?

Can we -- as Americans enter such a Congress and talk peace <conscientiously> when all the world knows that we are permitting ship load after ship load -- to be sent to [page 3] some of the [belligerents] to help them kill their brother man?

When Congress adjourned it gave the President full power to place an embargo on the exportation of all these things -- but he continues to pray, to the same God that the rulers of Europe do -- and practically says -- "God speed" the ships that carry the shot and shell.

I think it would be as well, or better, for our Woman's Peace Party to labor with our own "ruler" -- if you please -- Mr. Wilson.

I am enclosing you a speech -- on this subject -- by Senator Hitchcock of Neb. that will give you full information and I trust I may have your expression in an [acknowledgment] [page 4] of this document.

By the way I want to say that Mr. Hitchcock is a democrat. As to myself -- I am an American from "top to bottom" born in the State of Ill. and especially believe in the first Commandment as well as the 6th.

My wife heartily joins me in this letter.

Sincerely Yours,

Geo. Banschbach