Jane Addams to Martha Ellen French, March 30, 1915


My dear Miss French

May I thank you for your kind letter which came yesterday, one from Mrs Ewing also assured me of the sympathy of Miss Culver and yourself -- it is all that can help after all, the sympathy and affection of one's friends.

My sister, you know I think, had a malignant growth removed five years ago and was very well until last July when it reappeared. [page 2] After that she had radium treatment every six weeks and we thought until the last two weeks of her life that the treatment had been successful. She had been in the Augustana Hospital for a month for the treatment of some secondary effects, before the symptoms of a second growth reappeared -- and it was the later growth pressing upon the spinal cord which caused her death. The end came very peacefully. Marcet, Esther and I were with [page 3] her; she had known us all two days before but had been unconscious for some hours.

During her month in the hospital when I saw her every day she spoke often of Miss Culver and yourself and of seeing you upon your return.

Marcet is now at Girard looking after affairs at the bank, but she will in time dispose of her interests there.

I will hope to see you all very soon and to have an opportunity to tell you more about [page 4] my sister.

Our plans in regard to The Hague are a little unsettled by the habit the Germans seem to be developing of attacking passenger ships -- but I will write you in any event before we sail -- With love to Miss Culver and cordial greetings to the other members of the household, I am Affectionately yours

Jane Addams

March 30" 1915