Rosika Schwimmer to Woman's Peace Party, July 5, 1915

[The Hague], [April] 28-[May] 1, 1915.

1915 [Ju]. 5

To the [Woman's] Peace Party,

Thank you very much for your letter of June 1st. Of course I agree with your way of dealing with letters, which might still come for me as late international secretary of your party.

I give you here the address of an American lady, who express sympathy with our congress. You probably would like to send her your printed matters. We hope, that the [Woman's] Peace Party of America will, as soon as Miss Addams has returned, become member of our new international [organization].

We hope very much, that the [Woman's] Peace Party will have as soon as possible a demonstration, like that of the Swedish women, of which I hope your papers gave a full account.*

Expecting to hear good news from you,

very sincerely yours,

Rosika Schwimmer [signed]

<* They had, 300 meetings all over the country; everywhere someone read a speech sent by headquarters; they passed everywhere the same resolution urging their government to mediate>