Eleanor Scott Walsh Sharples to Jane Addams, September 30, 1915

Sharwal Farm,
Centre Square, Pa.,
Sept. 30, 1915.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.

My dear Miss Addams,

Enclosed are three poems that I think have a message at this time, yet I have not found a publisher to use them.

My home duties keep me so closely that I hardly know what would be the [page 2] place to send them, and wonder if you, in connection with your work could use them. The "Madonna" one was suggested to me by your address in New York. Together with our growing thought of the sacredness of all life, has grown our appreciation of the bearer of the highest earthly life; though the conception has been dim, it is true that side by side with the crucifix [page 3] has risen the shrine to the Madonna, and, now, we are beginning dimly to realize the conception of the "mother heart," and its work and duties.

Could you know how I long to help do my share, you would not censure my appealing to you, for all I can do, besides my individual life-work is to express the thoughts that may be helpful. Should it be possible to receive any compensation for these poems [page 4] will you kindly receive and use it for any cause that you think it would help best.

It may be of interest to you to see some other of my work, and also to know I am a "Friend," and acquainted with Lucy Biddle Lewis, who is known to you. Should you be able to use the poems, will you let me know where and how, and if not, kindly return them to me,


Eleanor S. Sharples.

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