Gilbert Murray to Norman Hapgood, March 28, 1915


28th March 1915.

My dear Hapgood,

I am doing what I can for the Trojan Women project. The only serious trouble is that Barker is in New York, and it has been a long cherished plan of his to make a great production of the Trojan Women in America. If there is a clash I have to give Barker the preference, but I hope there will not be one. There is no trouble about royalties.

How interesting your tour ought to be. I hope you succeed in getting the interviews you want. Unfortunately Grey and Asquith are dreadfully shy of saying anything. I will put in a word for you, though I do not suppose my word will have much effect.

It will be a great pleasure to see you any time that you are free. We can always provide food and lodging and wounded soldiers to talk to.

Yours very sincerely,

Gilbert Murray.