Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs to Jane Addams, September 13, 1915


N.Y. City, Sept. 13th 1915.

Dear Miss Addams,

I felt very sorry to hear that you have had a relapse from your illness. I sincerely hope you will soon feel better.

Rosika and Macmillan will go and see you soon, I shall not accompany them. It is a too expensive trip to Bar Harbor and I do not feel the necessity for it.

You will feel sorry when you read the New York Times from this morning, in which your and my name are mentioned in connection with an interview with the President. I told both girls that I had taken the greatest care not to be interviewed by reporters in connection with the peace work and begged them not to give any publicity about their plans here before they have seen you. They promised, but this morning I read the result in the Times and Tribune. It will now be an impossibility for me to do any step further in connection with seeing Wilson.

Miss van Lanschot Hubrecht, our treasurer, wrote me again, telling me that the money [page 2] mentioned in the letter from Rosika (a copy of the minutes from their last committee-meeting) was the sum which was handed to Miss Hubrecht after the Congress, but after all the Bills have been paid, even Rosika's stay in Amsterdam between her first & second visit to the government, there was only a small sum left.

I write you this, because I am afraid that Rosika is going to get here money for our work and will use it for her stay here. She and Miss Macmillan tell me that both are here as envoys from our Congress and that will settle the <money> question for them.

I hope, dear Miss Addams, you will forgive me to have worried you with these questions, but I thought you ought to know. Mr. [Batten] arrives [tomorrow].

With love and admiration

Faithfully yours

Aletta H. Jacobs.