Helena S. Dudley to Jane Addams. June 24, 1901

Shelburne, N.H.,
June 14, 1901
Dear Miss Addams:

I have delayed so many months in writing you that I am quite shy about doing it now but at least I must tell you that I have thought of you very often, particularly at the time I heard you were not very well. I hope [page 2] you are really better now and taking some care of yourself! Please, don't get sick, your friends can't all need you too much!

I am having three weeks in the charming valley where I usually come with Miss Scudder. She is now in England. She had rather a bad break this Spring but is better now but not able to work. She expects to take a year from [busy] regular work--teaching [though] she may be writing.

I shall be back in Boston the [page 3] last of this week. We shall have quite a full house during July and carry on as usual the [Vacation] School. We have had a large and pleasant family during the winter. My new assistant Miss Mackintosh is a great help and comfort to me--a very charming woman with much tact and character. Among our household we have had a Mr Frank [Witherbee] who has done successful work with the boys. He <was> trained to be a Unitarian minister but prefers to go into social work. If [page 4] you know of any opening in Settlements or working men's institutes [etc.] where he could get a living salary I should be glad to know. He is an earnest fellow & boys "take" to him.

He is engaged to a teacher--who [would] also like to go into Settlement work with him. You may chance to know of an opening.

I was sorry you did not see the Fords. They are really very agreeable. They understood that you were very busy--With love as ever

Yours faithfully,

Helena S. Dudley.

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