Jane Addams to Woodrow Wilson, September 5, 1915

Hon. Woodrow Wilson
President of The United States;

My dear Mr Wilson;

<May> I am [venture] to write to you concerning <of> my embarrassment in regard to Dr Aletta Jacobs who, as you know, recently arrived from Holland with a message to you from the Prime Minister.

Her errand was the <an> outcome of the mission to the governments undertaken by two committees of the International Congress of Women at The Hague, but the situation she wishes to present to you has developed since Miss Balch and I reported to you.

<As you kindly suggested> of course accepted your suggestion that  Dr Jacobs <and> Miss Balch> and herself should see <saw> Secretary Lansing and Colonel House, who received them very kindly but we feel that these interviews do not <quite> fulfill the purpose for which Dr Jacobs was sent and we regret to have her return to Holland before she has been really able to <fully> discharge her mission.

Dr Jacobs and I were received so [illegible] by the various officials of the European governments that she is inevitably somewhat surprised by the situation, and I am therefore at the risk of being importunate, urging <expressing my hope> that you grant her a brief interview, [although] not unmindful of the time you have already <twice> most generously accorded to our committee. [page 2]

May I add my congratulations to the thousands you are receiving upon the happy outcome of the German negotiations,

Faithfully yours,

Sept. 5th 1915