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Addams updates Ely on her progress on Democracy and Social Ethics.

Addams reports to Ely about her lack of progress on her book, Democracy and Social Ethics, because of activities at Hull-House.

Addams writes Ely about the recent visit of Peytr Kropotkin and her upcoming lectures.

Linn writes to Addams about his writing and the people he is meeting in France.
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A draft of Addams' article about the challenges facing college women who want to contribute to society.
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Addams discusses the challenges facing college women who want to contribute to society.

Addams writes Ely about her manuscript for Democracy and Social Ethics and delays in writing.

Ely chides Addams for her use of split infinitives.

Thompson thanks Addams for her book, Democracy and Social Ethics, and invites her to visit him soon.

Howells thanks Addams for her book, Democracy and Social Ethics, and remarks on morality.

Addams writes Smith about her various activities and reports on a visit with Smith's parents in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Bradley writes Addams, acknowledging receipt of her book, Democracy and Social Ethics, and thanking her for her work.

Scudder writes Addams from Italy to acknowledge receipt of Addams' book, Democracy and Social Ethics, but admits she has not yet found time to read it.

Ely explains to Addams that he will write a series of articles for Harper's Weekly and describes an idea to her for his next article.

Addams writes Booth about edits to Democracy and Social Ethics.

Booth writes Addams about edits for Democracy and Social Ethics.

Addams discusses the pace of writing Newer Ideals of Peace.

Ely asks Addams about her progress on Newer Ideals of Peace, advising that it should not be published near the presidential election.

Addams reports that work on the book moves slowly and comments on John A. Hobson's Imperialism: A Study.

Addams remarks on her embarrassment over people reading her book.

Addams encloses a speech (not found) for use by the Maynard Agency, and regretfully declines their invitation to come in the summer.

Addams encloses the remaining articles and sends best wishes to the Barrows' family.
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Addams apologizes but cannot write an article for Holt just yet.

Ely agrees with Brett and Addams on a new publication date of Newer Ideals of Peace and hopes the message is recieved well.

Addams sends Ely a copy of her University of Chicago Convocation address to show how her book is coming along.

Ely compliments Addams on her address and is grateful that she feels he has influenced her.

Adams asks Addams to write an introduction for a report and promises to send it to Lindsay for publication in Philadelphia.
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Addams and Withington introduce a series of essays by Henry Demarest Lloyd for a posthumous compilation Man, the Social Creator.

Addams explains to Ely that her work on the Lloyd manuscript has delayed work on Newer Ideals of Peace.

Ely invites Addams to lecture during the summer session at the University of Wisconsin, suggesting it would give her an opportunity to edit the talks for use in Newer Ideals of Peace.

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