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Roosevelt compliments Addams's article in McClure's, which argues that woman's suffrage will lift up women from vice. But he also offers a caution that women's suffrage could fail to impart real change as suffrage failed to impart real change for African Americans in the South.

The writer discusses white slavery and Addams' recent article in McClure's Magazine.

After reading Addams' article in McClure's Magazine, the unknown correspondent shares some of her own ideas about women in Panama and the Canal Zone.

Duncan tells the story of the proprietor of a brothel, whom he has convinced to get out of the prostitution business, and asks Addams to help her.

Addams and other members of the American Vigilance Association resign so that the organization's headquarters can relocate to New York.

Wilson requests a meeting with Addams to discuss efforts to defeat prostitution.
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Addams explores women's feelings about illegitimate children and wayward women by telling stories about different women's experiences.

A description of the Illinois Vigilance Association's new campaign.

A clipping that discusses the work of the Illinois Vigilance Association.

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