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Addams calls for a charitable response to aid the famine sufferers in Sweden, discussing the different kinds of charitable work in education and relief.

Thomas informs Moore that the Woman's Peace Party does not plan to volunteer its members en masse for war work should the war be joined.

Gale sends Addams her views on how the Woman's Peace Party should react towards requests to help with war relief.

Addams responds to Gale's question about whether the Woman's Peace Party will direct its members to help with relief efforts.

Kellogg informs Addams that Paul Kellogg will be working with the Red Cross in France until the end of the year.

Kellogg sends word to the Survey's National Council about how the Red Cross is using Paul Kellogg's Venice article.

Wheeler puts out a call for ideas about what will happen after World War I.

Roth seeks Addams's support for starting food relief for Germany at once.

An Albanian women writes an appeal to spread word of the condition in Albania and send relief.

The Food Administration updates Addams on the food situation in Finland.
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Addams' address to the American Women's Victory Dinner uses the end of the war to urge for greater international collaboration to ensure food supplies. The speech was given at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.

Yeomans tells Addams about conditions in Europe and the relief work he is doing.
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Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Hamilton tells Smith about Addams's activities at the International Congress of Women and of their plans to travel to Germany and Austria.

Addams tells Smith she will likely be sailing home soon.

Addams updates Smith on plans to travel to Holland and Germany.

Hoover sends Addams a letter of introduction to field staff of the American Relief Administration.

Hoover sends Addams a letter of introduction to the American ambassador to the Netherlands.

Wood tells Addams about conditions in Germany and hopes to see her before she heads back to America.

Addams discusses her plans to distribute food to German children.

Addams updates Smith on her plans for Germany.

Hamilton tells Smith about her travels with Addams, makes comments on their companions, and their plans to go to Germany.

Balch updates Addams on remaining costs from the Congress and discusses the need for child welfare in Hungary.

The Swiss Red Cross reports on the deaths of children in the City Children's Asylum and White Cross Hospitals in Budapest.

Addams and Hamilton detail in full their trip to countries once in the Central Powers for the Society of Friends, on the matter of food and relief distribution.

Addams and Hamilton detail their trip to Germany to see conditions for child welfare after World War I.

Addams asks Kellogg if the Survey would be interested in an article on her visit to Germany.

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