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Addams recommends Sigmund Zeisler to President Wilson.

Bryan lays out six alternatives to war and urges readers to alert them to the President and their Congressmen.

Post thanks Addams for including her name in a telegram to President Wilson and suggests asking him about the United States conducting a "police war", tasked only to protect goods and citizens.

Thomas asks Addams if a plan of action should be spread among Woman's Peace Party branches and chairmen regarding referendums on the war.

Karsten writes on behalf of Addams, informing members of the Woman's Peace Party of the efforts being made to stop militaristic sentiments.

Addams gives Lathrop a recommendation for Charles Powlison.

Karsten suggests Wanous publications in which she can publish her articles, one of which is published by the Woman's Peace Party's New York Branch.

Karsten tells Daly more about the Woman's Peace Party and the group's activities and initiatives.

Addams tells North about her doings and the health of Mrs. Thompson.

Karsten tells Kellogg that Addams is out of town and unable to comply with his request for a written appreciation of Dr. Frissell.

Karsten informs Bourne that Addams is away from Chicago, but encloses a copy of a recent Addams address, as well as other publications regarding the Woman's Peace Party.

Post opines on the People's Council, changing the name of the Woman's Peace Party, and an upcoming Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting.

Mead gives further suggestions as to the date and place of the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting.

Spencer suggests the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and states issues that may arise by having it in New York.

Taussig recommends that the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and gives her ideas for the possible name change for the party.

Post details preparations for an Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party in Philadelphia.

Post reviews the potential speakers for the next Woman's Peace Party meeting and requests suggestions from Mead and Hull.

Post organizes how she wants speakers presented for the Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party and requests feedback on these details.

Mead suggests several edits to a prepared statement made for the Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party. Mead, particularly, stresses the importance of patriotism.

Post suggests muting some of the strong language used in the statement announcing the Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Post reviews potential speakers for the upcoming Woman's Peace Party annual meeting.

Post summarizes plans for distribution of the Woman's Peace Party Annual Meeting Program and what individuals should be listed as speakers.

Post mentions discussions of dissolving the Woman's Peace Party. Post explains her opposition to this idea. Post also briefly discusses her opinion of compulsory military training.

Post shares her opinion to Mead on the issue of political loyalty during wartime.

Post updates Mead and Spencer on the possible speakers for the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

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