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Addams asks Hoover whether the government plans to employ African-American social workers to ally rumors of race discrimination.

Widegren outlines a course about how to work with minorities on peace for the Summer School.

Gregg tells Addams why he believes that the Hampton University Library School will not set back the cause of desegregation in the library profession.

Addams tells a reporter that India is failing to deal with its racial and religious problems.

Gulick discusses Japanese-American foreign relations and how they have been impacted by the Great Kanto Earthquake and the anti-Japanese immigration laws passed in the United States.

Addams criticizes the film Birth of a Nation as unjust and untrue and designed to foster race prejudice.

Shaw asks Addams and Villard to investigate Black lynchings once their inquiry on Ireland is completed.

Morel claims that France is stationing black soldiers in Germany to rape and terrorize German women.

Brown testifies on behalf of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section for a dramatic reduction in American military spending and and for universal disarmament.

Balch sends Ovington word of efforts of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom regarding issues surrounding Black troops from colonized countries.

Berg and colleagues ask Carlson to sway public opinion against Black French Colonial soldiers in Germany.

Von Mach invites Addams to speak at a meeting opposing the French colonial troops in the German Rhine.

Willett demands that Colby investigate alleged atrocities committed by black French troops in Germany.

Shaw tells Willett that the stories of Black French troops in Germany have been greatly exaggerated.

Mathes asks Addams to investigate the State Department's dismissal of the stories of French Black troop atrocities in Germany.

Boos-Jegher asks Addams to help remove French African troops from occupied Germany.

The author asks Addams for help getting American women to protest atrocities in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Gund asks Addams to have the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom protest France's stationing of black soldiers in the Rhine due to reports of cruelty.

Addams sends Martin a telegram denying Mildred Rutherford's claims about her; the telegram is published in the Atlanta Journal.

Addams agrees with Terrell's objection to calling for the removal of black French troops in Germany and invites her to attend the local meeting where the issue is on the agenda.

Cumberson updates Addams on the work of the California branch of the Woman's Peace Party.
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The Crisis includes Addams' comments alongside others on the "The Clansman," a play which depicts African Americans negatively.