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Ely urges Addams not to delay the publication of Newer Ideals of Peace for fear that it would lose something of the spirit of the work.

Macmillan asks Addams to provide corrections to Democracy and Social Ethics before it is reprinted.

Ely asks Addams' advice about funding for Original Documents on Labor and Industry.

Addams responds that she has contacted Helen Culver about Ely's request but is not hopeful about Victor Lawson's willingness to support the project.

Addams writes about a manuscript by Henry D. Lloyd which she is editing with Anne Withington.

Ely notes that Macmillan plans to announce Newer Ideals of Peace for the fall and hopes that it will be ready.

Addams reports on her stay in New Hampshire and work on the Lloyd manuscript.

Macmillan encloses a statement on sales of Democracy and Social Ethics.

Credit statement from The Macmillan Company to Addams for her book.

Page reminds Addams about his interest in publishing a book based on her autobiographical columns in the Ladies Home Journal.

Ely invites Addams to lecture during the summer session at the University of Wisconsin, suggesting it would give her an opportunity to edit the talks for use in Newer Ideals of Peace.

Pamphlet that contains the names of authors who have written and are still writing articles for publication in Youth's Companion.

Bok, the Editor of Ladies' Home Journal, congratulates Addams on the success of her article and urges her not to hesitate to contact him if she needs help publishing her work.

Crowell reminds Addams of their arrangement for the publishing of one of her works in the magazine Philanthropy and Social Progress.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

Page tries to persuade Addams to publish a book with Doubleday Page & Co. based on her work in Ladies' Home Journal.

Addams declines Page's request to publish her essays, stating that she is too busy with the Chicago School Board and another book already promised for the Macmillan Company.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

The Macmillan Company details how many copies of Democracy and Social Ethics sold in various cities and countries.

Macmillan offers a defense against malicious statements about the company circulating in Chicago. Brett hoped to clarify the issue with Addams, who was a member of the school board and might help.

Macmillan sends Addams a royalty statement.

Addams informs her publisher that she has sent out a manuscript of her latest book to Ely for proofreading, but he will not return from a trip for several weeks. Addams would prefer that he give his input on the manuscript, but if Brett cannot wait that long, she will rush the process.

Brett responds to Addams' previous letter and assures her that she can take however long she wants to with proofreading her manuscript, as long as "it may be in our hands for successful publication at no distant day".

Johnson asks for permission to use a portrait of Addams in The Century Magazine.

Brett writes on behalf of the Macmillan Company asking Addams when her manuscript for Newer Ideals of Peace will be ready to be published.

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