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Hertzka asks Addams for funds to support the repatriation of Austrian prisoners of war.

A petition from the women of Holland asking women around the world to work to free prisoners of war in France and Russia.

The International Red Cross reports on the number of Austrian and Hungarian prisoners of war held in Siberia.

A list of the numbers of prisoners of war still held in Japan and Russia.

Hertzka tells Addams about her work for prisoner of war and her plans to travel to the United States.

Pethick-Lawrence asks Addams to help obtain permission of the American government to repatriate prisoners of war.

Keppel provides Addams estimates on the cost of repatriating Siberian prisoners of war and seeks help raising funds.

Notes on Siberian prisoners of war relief efforts.

Balch asks Addams her opinion of Yella Hertzka's planned trip to the United States and holding a Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee meeting.

Balch asks Women's International League for Peace and Freedom sections to help support the repatriation of World War I prisoners.

Adee tells Addams that the State Department has not received the Young Men's Christian Association's proposition on prisoners of war.

Keppel confirms his meeting with Wood and Addams, but doubts the government will get involved in the prisoner of war cause.

Balch sends Addams a letter the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom sent to the Secretary of State regarding assistance for Siberian prisoners of war.

Balch asks Colby for clarification of the American policy towards prisoners of war in Siberia.

Addams advises Innes against sending Austrians to approach Congress to avoid the perception of foreign interference.

Villard writes to Addams regarding Siberian prisoners of war and German food conditions.

Balch introduces Addams to G├ęza Dell-Adami who is working to free Siberian prisoners of war.

Addams answers many of Balch's questions regarding travel in 1921, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom personnel, and the summer school plans.

Alley denies allegations that the American government has forestalled the repatriation of prisoners of war in Siberia.

Adee confirms that the American Young Men's Christian Association has never offered to repatriate prisoners of war.

Addams recommends Margaret Stoneborough to Wood as a public speaker for Austrian relief and asks about efforts for the prisoners of war held in Siberia.

Balch asks Greenwood for amnesty for political prisoners in Ireland on the grounds of peace.

Balch asks Sections to let her know if anyone will attend the International Committee of Womens and sends information regarding Irish political prisoners and an English leaflet.

Farrand tells Barna how limited the American Red Cross is in regard to the prisoners of war in Siberia.

Kellogg asks Addams whether she has an updated information on World War I prisoners of war that the Survey could use.

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