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Siedlecka and Pawlowska request that Poland's women be granted a place in the Woman's Peace Congress.

Luxemburg details her imprisonment for writing anti-war pamphlets, and asks for reading material.

John Szlupas writes Jane Addams in regards to his movement to improve education in Eastern Europe.

Sujkowska, Budzińska-Tylicka, and Prauss tell Addams about problems in establishing a WILPF section in Poland.

Czaplicka tells Balch about efforts to establish a Polish section of WILPF.

Balch sends Addams correspondence regarding establishing a WILPF section in Poland.

Balch writes Czaplicka with regard to establishing a WILPF section in Poland.

Boyden sends Addams propaganda against Poland and bemoans the attacks by both Germans and Jews.

Balch brings to the attention of Addams that Polish women have been denied a say in their League of Nations and urges all sections of the WILPF to fight for recognition of their voting rights.

The Polish section of the WILPF question the motives of members of the Ukranian Section when it comes to the issue of Galicia.

Balch apologizes to Heymann about the delay in responding to the Polish section of the WILPF and sends a response which she is not sure is worth sending.

Balch sends Addams her correspondence with the WILPF Polish Section for her information.

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